More puzzle fun

Europe mostly plays catch-up again this week, with three of the five new downloads already being available in North America. DSiWare makes up the bulk of this week's releases, with the other two services only getting one game each, and it's also the only one of the services to get some completely new stuff. We're not exactly sure if you've been eagerly awaiting one of the new games, though...


Family Games: Pen & Paper Edition (Icon Games, 500pts) – Another game made completely to look like it's made out of school paper (A popular trend these days), this one offers a number of, as the title implies, digital pen and paper games. Unfortunately, we were not really impressed, as our Family Games review will tell you.

WiiWare Demos

And Yet It Moves (Broken Rules) – A rather unique game in which you can literally turn the world upside down to move things around or reach new platforms. Naturally, our And Yet It Moves review is always available as well.

Fish'em All (Abylight) – Abylight's first WiiWare game, all the way back from 2009, now has a demo. Of course, you can also read our Fish'em All review.

Virtual Console

Magical Drop III (Neo Geo, D4 Enterprise, 900pts) – An even better puzzler than its predecessor, this one is regarded as quite a bit of a cult classic, with its nicely animated characters and addictive gameplay. You can read our thoughts in our Magical Drop III review.


Surfacer+ Dexterity + Strategy (Lexis Numerique, 500pts) – A strange puzzler which completely revolves around filling the screen with flowers, Surfacer+ is very strange, very unique and very fun all at the same time. DSiWare is off to a good start this year! You can read more in our Surfacer+ review.

Oscar in Toyland 2 (Virtual Playground, 500pts) – A sequel to the first game, naturally. We only found that one rather average, so hopefully this one can improve on it a bit.

Alien Puzzle Adventure (Mastertronic, 500pts) – Another game we don't really know much about, it seems to be Puyo Puyo played on a sphere, but we'll find out soon enough.

Anything that catches your eye this week?