Big Blue Bubble has had mixed results with past releases on Nintendo platforms. From home improvement, to digital slapshots, to overweight men throwing metal sticks, the company is surely hoping for a more successful critical response from its upcoming releases on the 3DS.

First up is the port of a hugely popular iOS game called Burn the Rope. The gravity-based puzzle game requires players to burn ropes in different entanglements, but the catch is that ropes can only burn upwards, leaving gamers tilting and turning their 3DS to keep the flame alive. Speaking in an interview with Pocket Gamer, CEO Damir Slogar talks about bringing the game to new platforms:

... the game's already in production for multiple platforms. The Android, iPad and Mac App Store versions should launch sometime in February, and it will be on Nintendo 3DS and next generation virtual consoles by the end of 2011.

A quick glance at the company website also reveals the Canadian studio has an unnamed 3DS game in production. Not a lot is currently known about this side-scrolling hack and slash game, other than the short description, which reads:

Unnamed 3D project with side-scrolling, hack and slash game style, taking place in an alternate reality in the late 1800’s, amidst an industrial revolution and a world war.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing how that plays out. Are you?

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