How many more new colours and bundle packs will we see?

With the technological capabilities of modern smartphones on the increase and the popularity of digital games from outlets such as the Apps Store, it's no wonder Nintendo has been as vocal as it has about how companies like Apple are the real enemy in relation to their own console sales.

In recent market research conducted by Interpret, it has found that consumers are playing more games on their phones than they are on their handheld consoles. Of the phone/DS/PSP gaming market that was surveyed, 43.8% played games on phones — a dramatic increase of 53.2% compared to the previous year. In contrast, those who play on the DS and PSP decreased by 13%. Interestingly, 27.2% of consumers don't even use their DS/PSP anymore, instead, only play games on their phones. For more details on this report, click here.

Courtney Johnson, Manager of Research and Analysis at Interpret states that:

Devices which satisfy a variety of entertainment and utility are fast outstripping single-function devices as consumer favorites.

The recent surge of Wii and DS sales is certainly encouraging and definitely what Nintendo needs in the short term. What about its long term plans regarding market competition? With the 3DS launch only months away, will it be a significant benefit if the system gets support from film studios to play 3D films? Or maybe the games will be enough to draw in enough consumers to fend off the rise of smartphones? Scratch chin. Discuss.