My Fireplace - GOTY?

This week is almost exclusively made up of catchup titles, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it means that there's so many releases. Maybe there's something you'd like in the bunch.


My Fireplace (Korner, 500pts) – Secretly the recently released in North America Fireplacing, for some reason, Korner has picked up the title and renamed it for European release. You can read our thoughts in our Fireplacing review.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex (Konami, 1000pts) – Based on the animated series of the same name, this was released in North America over six months ago. It's a pretty decent little platformer, despite the common thought all licensed games are bad, and you can read what we thought in our Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex review.

WiiWare Demos

Art of Balance (Shin'en Multimedia) – A surprisingly fun game, which is all about creating stacks of oddly shaped blocks which you must try and keep upright. If you want some additional information, you can always read our Art of Balance review.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret (Cosmonaut Games) – Basically an underwater version of Metroid; in this game you swim through numerous underwater caverns, either simply completing the main game or attempting to get the countless collectable pickups scattered around. Our Dive: The Medes Islands Secret review will give you some more info.

Virtual Console

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando (Virtual Console Arcade, 800pts) – The first game in the Commando series (of which we already had the sequel, MERCS), it's an overhead run and gun shooter which, we thought, hasn't aged very well. See why in our Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando review.

SonSon (Virtual Console Arcade, 800pts) – A better pick on the retro front this week is SonSon, a relatively obscure old Capcom arcade game starring the main character from the classic tale Journey to the West. It's not an amazing classic, but it's still fairly enjoyable. You can read everything about it in our SonSon review.


101 Minigolf World (Teyon, 500pts) – A collection of 101 putt-putt courses. Sounds pretty innocent, but when the game was released in North America we found it was nearly impossible to control and had very common game-breaking bugs, and it remains to be seen if those are still present now. You can read our original thoughts in our 101 Minigolf World review.

Divergent Shift (Konami, 800pts) – Here's another game that makes full use of both DSi screens. In this one you control both a character on the top screen and her reflection on the bottom screen. It's nothing fantastic, but a neat little game if you've got some points to use. Our Divergent Shift review will give you the lowdown.

Arc Style: Everyday Football (Arc System Works, 500pts) – Yet another new "series" for DSiWare, this one was released as a standalone title in North America, but is otherwise the same game. It basically offers a slightly more cartoony alternative to Gameloft's Real Football games, but we wouldn't exactly call it as good. Our views can be found in our Everyday Soccer review.

Biorhythm (Cinemax, 200pts) – The only new game for Europe this week, it's some sort of emotion tester that measures how you feel every day and then gives you a bunch of results. Let's hope it actually works.

Plenty of games this week, but is there anything in there for you?