Donkey Kong Country Returns developer Retro Studios recently sat down with Nintendo top man Satoru Iwata to discuss the game's development and the difficulties of long-distance relationships.

The Texas-based studio spoke of the inherent troubles of 5am teleconferences with Japanese producer Risa Tabata, who often would be bright and energetic much to the team's chagrin:

Tom Ivey: She'd be brimming with life and enjoying herself immensely as she made immensely tough requests for us to change something. Of course, if we made those changes, the game would improve, but it was five in the morning for us, so I would think things like, "Could you tone it down a bit and not appear quite so eager?"

Tabata-san's eagerness obviously paid off as the game has received rave reviews across the board. European gamers get their chance to try out the monkey's latest today, so read our Donkey Kong Country Returns review for the scoop.