Experience art differently

Based on his previous games, Shigeru Miyamoto's first DSiWare application could have been a handy guide for finding a local plumber, gardener or dog-walker, but instead it's a handy tool for creating and listening audio guides for museums, journeys and almost anything else.

A free download available in Japan today, Make It Yourself: Nintendo DS Guide lets DSi owners take snapshots and assign them to a timeline along with a short description to give more information. These guides can be viewed on the original DSi or shared with others using DS Download Play, but interestingly two DSis are required to share the guide: one to send the application and the other to send the audio and video. The received guides can be viewed on any kind of DS, however.

There's no confirmation that the application is on its way to the Western hemisphere, but would you use it if it arrived?

[source andriasang.com]