Nintendo's flagship New York store recently re-opened with a brand new Mario-themed design in honour of Super Mario Bros.'s 25th anniversary, and to celebrate it hosted a huge party with two very special guests.

Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto made appearances at the event to meet fans, cut the cake and revel in the atmosphere only a plumber's birthday could create. Reggie refused to field questions about the release date and pricing of the 3DS, taking it all in good humour.

Mario speed-runner Andrew Gardikis attempted to replicate his best speed run on the NES classic, aiming to break the five minute barrier in front of Shigeru Miyamoto himself, coaching from the sidelines. Unfortunately he was unable to finish the game, and although some people might put it down to the pressure of performing in front of the father of Mario himself, we've spotted a little mascot in the background who may have made Mario feel even slower than usual. See if you can spot him in the photo below.