Ever wondered what it would be like to own a console and every single game available for that system? Sankei News has reported that Japanese retailer Enterking will be making that a reality for someone as part of the fukubukuro tradition this New Year's.

Fukubukuro is a custom in Japan where retailers offer mystery bags to customers, filled with random products at a discounted price on New Year's Day. There's nothing random about this colossal Wii bundle though as buyers know exactly what they're getting, so could it be a clever way of shifting excess stock of old games?

The bundle includes the Wii console and the entire catalogue of 408 games, which are mostly second-hand copies, although Enterking will be providing new copies where necessary. If this collection was to be bought at full retail price, it would set you back ¥2,300,000 (that's roughly $27,357 USD or £17,522 GBP). Enterking is offering all this for just ¥1,000,000 ($11,894 USD, £7,618 GBP).

As this is a one-off offer, names will be taken down at Enterking branches from 1st January to 3rd January. If it turns out that more than one person expresses interest in the bundle, the buyer will be chosen at random via a lottery.

(Prices converted using the Bloomberg Currency Converter)

[source andriasang.com]