Music sounds better with WiiWare

Whilst DSiWare enjoys a fine array of musical downloads, including Rytmik, Rhythm Core Alpha and Abylight's Music On series, but WiiWare is completely devoid of tuneful tools. Not for long however, as Digital Leisure is bringing Mix Superstar to the wheels of steel on Monday.

Unlike those DS games, however, Mix Superstar will allow you to share your music with the world much more easily. You can send songs to friends via WiFi Connection or even export them to the Mix Superstar website before downloading them to your computer.

You can also use Wii Speak or the Logitech USB microphone to lay down some vocals, and purchase extra loops for your compositions from the Wii Shop Channel. Every sample is royalty-free as well, meaning if you create something really spectacular you're free to earn money from it without paying royalty fees.

How much will this music package set you back? Just 500 Nintendo Points. Start tapping your toes to the launch trailer below.