Making games for this isn't cheap

Earlier this year, Satoru Iwata stated 3DS games may cost as much to develop as Wii titles, something that has now been backed up by Japanese studio Marvelous Interactive who's given some frightening figures for studios wanting to get into this potentially explosively lucrative market.

The studio revealed at an investors' meeting that its development budget per title would range between 50 million and 150 million yen, roughly equivalent to $600,000 to $1.8m USD, a sharp increase from the average DS development cost of between 4.4 million and 43.9 million yen ($53,000 - $527,000). In fact, these figures are closer to the development costs for home consoles, with Wii games costing up to 116 million yen ($1.4m) to develop.

Will we see the standard software price increase for 3DS retail games?