Spirtual Warfare - not at all like Zelda, we promise

Wisdom Tree is a company that holds a special place in the history of the NES. Born from Color Dreams - one of the first firms to successfully bypass Nintendo's notorious NES lock-out chip - the company made a name for itself by releasing mostly terrible video games loosely based on the teaching of the Bible.

All of Wisdom Tree's output was unlicensed by Nintendo, and titles like Spiritual Warfare and Bible Adventures shamelessly stole concepts from both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 2 respectively.

Despite the generally tepid nature of the titles, Wisdom Tree's catalogue has gained a cult following over the years, and now curious retro players can experience all of the firm's 8-bit titles for free. Seven titles are currently available, and play through your web browser using the arcane art of emulation, as opposed to the undying salvation of the Living Christ.

If you're after more of the same, you could try the excellently-named Bible Man (presumably Spider-Man's lesser known cousin) and thrill yourself with Jesus in Space (we really wish we were kidding on that one).

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