It's really crazy

Whilst Zallag released Gods vs. Humans to European WiiWare fans today, next Monday sees its first title, Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers reaching North America.

At 1000 Points it's 200 Points cheaper than its European counterpart, but still boasts the same mixture of racers, islands and craziness. You can read our Racers' Island: Crazy Racers review to see what we made of this unique driving shoot 'em up.

The 1st Zallag game will soon be released in America!

Drive 'n Shoot !

Zallag is proud to announce the release of its first WiiWare title. The racing game Racers' Islands Crazy Racers developed by Artefacts Studio (Moto Racer DS) is on the starting line!

This wacky racing game set in a theme park-like universe offers a gameplay that is unlike anything seen on WiiWare to date. Indeed, in addition to the regular driving experience comes the shooting! Each character has a specific weapon (a cheese catapult, a penguin throwing snowballs, green jelly...) and can use it at any time during the race. A real learning curve awaits you in order to drive and shoot simultaneously throughout the 20 tracks of the game!

Up to 8 players!

Your adversaries slow down when you hit them (and can stop altogether if you hit them several times) so you can pass them in the race with the greatest satisfaction. This gameplay is particularly effective in multiplayer. 4 players can compete in split-screen mode and it's possible to have up to 8 players by sharing the controls (the driving being done with the Nunchuk and the shooting with the Wii Remote).

Start your engine!

Racers' Islands Crazy Racers is the first racing game on WiiWare using the NVIDIA® PhysX® engine. You will therefore feel the collisions with your adversaries and will be able to use objects that are on the road to slow them down.

October 4th in America

The game will be available for download as soon as October 4th on all American Wii consoles.
Racers' Islands Crazy Racers will be sold at 1000 Wii Points.