N8* in action

We love 8bit, you love 8bit, we recommend you check this out when you've got some time to kill. Those who decide to take a dip into the world of N8* should come back and let us know what you find.

Neverdaunt:8Bit is a free to play Sandbox MMO set in a 8 bit stylized 3D world made out of blocks. Entirely shaped by its players the game world is ever changing. Players compete for control over areas and are free to build as they wish, with blocks and Tronics. There are no character classes or levels, power-ups and items worn define a character's abilities. With no preset quests, players can define their own goals, allowing them to play and create without restriction, making every player's experience a different one.

Players capture sections of the landscape and build using the game's flexible tools. Splendid castles, surreal sculptures and even floating islands are all waiting to be conquered or created in Neverdaunt. The battles that occasionally break out between communities are some of the most unusual in any game. Neverdaunt's charm is amplified by the weird expression of player's personalities within it. More than any other game, Neverdaunt seems like the output of the minds of its players.

N8* is hosted by our good friends at dx.net.

[source dx.net]