Where is this game!? I'll look over here, you look over there

Since it was something that was much-talked about many years ago, let us refresh your memory a little. Remember that spooky-looking game for the Wii that was in development by Nibris? What was it called, again? Ah yes, Sadness. Well, the game that no one's seen seems to be making a bit of a resurgence as the latest rumour suggests.

The Nibris YouTube channel posted a comment on its front page about a month ago, reigniting the long-extinguished hopes of gamers wishing to see this psychological survival game actually make it to retail:

Greeting, Significant progress is being made on our Flagship title, Sadness. Expect update by holiday 2010.

Whether or not this channel is legit remains to be seen, but it was created three months prior to the company's first set of announcements on their website. When N-Europe spoke to an ex-staff member at Nibris, Adam Artur Antolski, it became clear that the majority of Sadness' development was slowed down by the difference of opinion within the team. With no head programmer to lead the way, all the studio had to show for a year's work was a 3D minecart and the name.

With the game apparently getting scrapped, the composer Arkadiusz Reikowski, decided to make the soundtrack available to download. Although work-in-progress, it seemed like that was all gamers were getting. So what (if anything) will we see of this game before the end of 2010? Let's hope it's something more significant than a 3D torch.

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