Mario Kart-esque fun, hopefully!

There's only one real surprise this week, and it probably won't be a pleasant one for most people, as it comes in the form of a new highest price for a WiiWare game. That particular game's also one of only two truly new titles this week, with every single other one already being released in North America and all but one of those also having reviews already. Expectedly, the Virtual Console takes another break, but there's 7 other titles to keep you entertained anyway.


My Aquarium 2 (500pts, Hudson) – The sequel to one of the best-selling WiiWare games, which is basically more of the same with some minor additions. It's pretty good, but nothing really outstanding, as you can read in our My Aquarium 2 review.

Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers (1200pts, Zallag) – A cartoony-looking racing game that does not seem unlike Mario Kart. It costs a hefty 1200 Wii Points, which is a price we haven't seen in a while. We'll have a review available soon.

Physio Fun Balance Training (2000pts, Kaasa Solution) – The most expensive WiiWare title thus far, which raises what was previously thought to be the highest allowed price of 1500 points to a steep 2000 points. It also requires the Balance Board, so you better have one! We'll have a review soon.


Trailblaze: Puzzle Incinerator (500pts, Nintendo) – A full game based on the square mode from the great WiiWare title MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade, but of course with its own new features and additions. You can read why it's another worthy download in our Flametail review.

Where's Wally? Travel Pack 3 (500pts, Ludia Inc) – A third and final set of Where's Wally? puzzles. This one will very likely be near identical to the first two, so don't expect anything different!

Music On: Acoustic Guitar (200pts, Abylight) – Yet another title in Abylight's Music On series, which so far has been pretty good. As it was released in North America last Monday, we should have a review available very soon.

myNotebook: Tan (500pts, Nnooo) – The last in this set of myNotebook titles, this one has a tan theme, as you might have glanced from the title. You can read our myNotebook: Pearl, Carbon and Tan review for our thoughts.

Yet again, Nintendo has not released any detailed press release in advance this time. Will you be spending any points this time?