He's on fire!

When we caught up with Pete Trenouth, a producer of NBA Jam for the Wii, he was wasn't quite ready to spill the beans on the upcoming Remix Modes, but now EA has released a trailer that showcases the weird and wonderful play modes that we'll be slammin' and jammin' to when the iconic basketball game makes its return next month.

As well as the classic two-on-two, gamers can look forward to various three-player modes, "boss battles" and perhaps one of the coolest remix modes in which gamers score points for smashing the backboards with slam-dunks Chuck Connors style. NBA Jam wouldn't be NBA Jam without its characteristic craziness, which is certainly making a return in the form of these new gameplay additions.

Watch the new trailer below and then head over to our first impressions to see what kind of over-the-top goodness you can expect to enjoy when the game launches in North America on 5th October.