Itagaki loves Nintendo Life
Image: Wikipedia

Wii is approaching its fourth birthday across the world, with no announced successor currently on the horizon. We know it's in development but there's been no clue as to its form or any such thing. So when an industry figure such as Tomonobu Itagaki, former head of Team Ninja, makes cryptic comments about the company's next home console it makes interesting reading.

Itagaki, whose new game Devil's Third was shown off at this year's Tokyo Game Show, spoke about how the game's technology was scalable so it could be brought across to other platforms. When quizzed if this meant 3DS, Itagaki responded cryptically:

More than that, although I can't say this easily because I don't have any information, it's possible that Nintendo could release a higher end console. Something like that.

Whilst admittedly there's precious little information there – it's a little more than possible that Nintendo will release a higher-end console – for a developer such as Itagaki to be developing his latest game with one eye on the future console is perhaps a hint it's on the way sooner than some might believe. Or he genuinely has no information and is just speculating, or possibly a combination of both. We'll have to wait and see.