DSiWare is a pretty crowded place for puzzle games, so the announcement of one more is generally met with more than a little world-weariness. When the team behind the announcement is Two Tribes, the studio responsible for Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH and Toki Tori, you might be a bit more inclined to show interest.

The studio is publishing portable puzzler Frenzic on DSiWare, porting it over from the addictive iPhone original by The Iconfactory later this Autumn. It's also working on original titles, information on which should be arriving in the next few weeks, so naturally we'll keep you updated.

Two Tribes Brings Indie Classics - EDGE, Swords & Soldiers And Frenzic - To Other Platforms!

Digital publisher and developer Two Tribes will bring three highly regarded indie titles to Steam (EDGE), iPhone/iPad (Swords & Soldiers) and DSiWare (Frenzic).

Harderwijk, the Netherlands - September 21, 2010 - Two Tribes launches an initiative that allows great indie games to reach the wide audience they deserve. Handpicked from the expansive collection of indie games, Two Tribes will re-develop and publish high quality indie games on other distribution platforms such as the App Store and Steam!

"Some developers don't have the experience or time to bring their games to other platforms and our goal is to to help them out with that", said Martijn Reuvers, Managing Director of Two Tribes. "so we'd like to encourage developers of awesome indie titles to get in touch with us!".

The first title to be released will be "Frenzic", an exciting, fast paced puzzle game originally developed by The Iconfactory. Frenzic saw its original release on the iPhone and Two Tribes will be bringing an enhanced version of Frenzic to Nintendo's DSiWare this autumn.

Next in line are the excellent titles "Swords & Soldiers" (Ronimo Games) for the iPhone/iPad and "EDGE" (Mobigame) for Steam. We will release more information on these games at a later date.

More information on this announcement can be found on our website: http://twotribes.com/message/three-indie-titles-announced/. Feel free to join the discussion!

Two Tribes will also continue to develop new and original games, of which the first one will be revealed soon. See http://twotribes.com/message/development-disrupted/ for more information.