Certainly one way to while away a rainy day

A quick trip over to Flipnote Hatena is all it takes to see just how fantastic the free DSiWare animation tool Flipnote Studio can be when in talented hands.

But nobody seems to have taken it as far as musician Arman Bohn.

Brain Games is the third song from his album Bits to get the music video treatment, and what's interesting about the video is that the majority of its parts were created using Flipnote. It wasn't just one big animation either, oh no. Hundreds of individual Flipnotes were hand-drawn and exported as animated .gifs, which were then imported and painstakingly reanimated in Adobe After Effects.

Bohn goes into much greater detail of the process on his Web site, including a mind-boggling frame grab of the master composition, which serves just as much as a testament to his talent as it does his insanity.

Bits features 13 songs conceptually inspired by Atari 2600 titles. Brain Games was inspired by the game of the same name, which included joyous activities such as finding the symbol that doesn't belong and a variant of Simon where you need to memorize and mimic an ever-growing series of numbers — with the game shrieking at you to mess you up. You can check out the album for yourself over at its Bandcamp page; there's even a tune dedicated to the classic Adventure.

Taking a long-deserved break from Flipnote, Bohn is currently polishing up an EP featuring six covers of 80's tunes tracked in Korg DS-10+. Among the artists covered are Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and OMD.

Not one to give his DSi a rest, Bohn also said he's eagerly awaiting the North American release of the excellent DSiWare music creation app Rytmik.

Aren't we all, Bohn. Aren't we all.

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