"What's a roller derby?", the curious among you may have asked. It's a sport in which two teams of five players on rollerskates try to score points against each other. It's fast, physical and hardly what you'd call "mainstream", which makes it a perfect candidate for a transition to Wii. That's exactly what's happening, as Frozen Codebase is bringing Jam City Rollergirls to WiiWare.

Early comparisons to Mario Kart Wii suggest the game will take a slightly less simulation approach to the sport, with secret shortcuts and power-ups all included to liven things up. Officially licensed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, five licensed teams will compete over unique courses to become the best roller derby team there ever was.

Expected to launch later this year, stay tuned for more Jam City Rollergirls news as it arrives.

[source postcrescent.com]