We cannot wait

It's been a long time since a Nintendo console received a Street Fighter game – not counting Virtual Console, that is – so the announcement at E3 that Capcom was powering-up its Super Street Fighter IV meter for a Level 3 Super Combo attack on 3DS was music to our ears. Still, there were nagging doubts that the game would suffer compared to its big console brothers, doubts that producer Yoshinori Ono has put away with a Shoryuken of truth.

The gameplay we can port perfectly from the PS3 and Xbox 360 version and we're not going to subtract anything out of that. It is how we adjust the graphics that will help people remember what sort of game they used to play in the 90s.

Ono also revealed his team is looking into a second control option using the touchscreen in order to entice less experienced fighters to try out the game. Don't worry, fight fans: traditional D-Pad controls will still be available, though we can't help but think the game's six-button layout may be a tad uncomfortable on the 3DS's face buttons. That said, both 360 and PS3 pads feature four-button face layouts, and they seem to have gone down quite well.

It also seems the 3DS is receiving a few small tweaks behind the scenes: Ono stated the 3DS's D-Pad is not final, and that Nintendo has shown the team revised ideas. The title will also offer one feature that's "only possible on the 3DS", though naturally Ono refused to comment more. Hopefully we'll find out more at the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off next month.

[source kotaku.com]