VC fans may never get to push Start again

There have been countless Harvest Moon games over the years, but only one currently resides on Virtual Console: the original Harvest Moon for Super Nintendo. The 64-bit follow-up Harvest Moon 64 is an oft-requested addition, but according to Natsume's Vice President of Operations Graham Markay, you won't be digging it up in the Wii Shop Channel any time soon.

The company has looked into a possible transition for the game before, but complex coding and technical issues prevent the game from making the leap across to the digital download realm.

I shouldn't say it's never going to come out, but there's just a really, really, very small chance that it would ever come out. Which is unfortunate because we know that for a lot of dedicated, die-hard fans, that's their favorite.

It's always disappointing to hear that a popular title won't be available for a new generation of gamers to download, especially one with such a following as Harvest Moon. For fans of the series, this is one farming adventure you won't be able to relive on Virtual Console.