Cartoon elves and RPGs go together like two great things!


Boku mo Sekai o Sukuitai (1000pts - Poisoft) – If we're understanding Poisoft's website and the description on the Nintendo WiiWare page this is a combination of a sim and an RPG where players get to create multiple elves, dwarves, etc. with stats and skill trees to adventure with.

Virtual Console

Meta Fight (500pts Famicom - Sunsoft) – Known as Blaster Master everywhere else, Sunsoft's classic Famicom game finally appears on the Japanese Virtual Console. We reckon it's one of the best third-party games on the platform full-stop; our Blaster Master review will tell you why.


Uchimakure! Touch de Chameleon (200pts - Tom Create) – A second game in what is clearly meant to be a series (the last Uchimakure! game being Touchpen Wars). This is another arcade-style game with players helping the chameleon at the bottom of the screen eat all the bugs displayed across both screens apparently by using the stylus to draw his tongue.

Crazy tongue action - not what it sounds like!

Otona no Nihon Shi Puzzle (200pts - IEEE Institute) – A puzzle game that wants to teach you Japanese history. Could be fun, but given our past experience of "edutainment" it probably is not.

X Returns (800pts - Nintendo) – A sequel to a long-lost Gameboy game originally released in Japan. North America got first crack at it under the name X-Scape and we thought it was excellent. Naturally you'll want to read the X-Scape review now to find out why – assuming you haven't already done so.