More 2D shooting for your Japanese DSi

The Japanese WiiWare scene has been pretty quiet over the last month or so with only a couple of titles from Squaresoft. Given the past schedule with one release minimum per week, it does seem to imply a slowdown in development; whether or not that will be the case in other territories remains to be seen though it may account for the lack of WiiWare showing at E3 this year.

Virtual Console

Flying Power Disc (900pts Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise) – Another Data East game for the Neo Geo. This might be recognisable to gamers outside of Japan under the name "Windjammers" and it's a disc golf game as you might expect.


G.G. Series Z・ONE2 (200pts - Genterprise) – With the G.G. Series Collection+ recently being released in Japan you might think that one of the 15 or so games from that retail release that wasn't released previously as DSiWare might be coming next from Genterprise, so having a fresh sequel to one of the games that was is a bit of a surprise. The first Z・ONE game was a pretty decent old-school 2D shooter evoking memories of classics like Scramble and R-TYPE with a lot of player focus on navigating narrow corridors and firing from outboard pods. This sequel boasts additions in the form of two different ships and three difficulty settings to choose from. We'll see if we can get you some First Impressions of this game soon.

Sir, they're sinking our battleships!

Earthworm Jim (500pts - Gameloft) – Gameloft is one of the few western publishers to pursue the Japanese DSiWare market, so it's no surprise to see this port of the classic Mega Drive action game make an appearance in the shop this week. Read our Earthworm Jim review in case you've forgotten it's already out in North America and Europe.

Kaisen Game: Radar War (500pts - WaiS) – This looks pretty much like ye olde tabletop game Battleship with players taking turns firing at unseen grid coordinates in order to try to sink their opponent's fleet. Offers play for one or two players, but without any mention of Wi-Fi, we assume multiplayer involves handing the DSi back-and-forth whilst the computer keeps track of hits and misses.

ARC STYLE: Rytmik (800pts - Arc System Works) – It appears that Arc System Works' "ARC STYLE" series (have they no shame?) is going to consist of both original and imported titles; presenting this excellent keyboard title in Japan before it hits North America. Read our Rytmik Review to find out why we rate it so highly.