Waluigi's debut game, for the fact fans!

It's the week of E3, and what better way to celebrate than by finally releasing another N64 Virtual Console game? And an extremely well-liked one, at that? WiiWare gets one great and one good game as well, but DSiWare seems fairly uninteresting this time.


Ant Nation (700pts - Konami) -- A simulation title from Konami in which you manage a colony of ants, this was released in North America almost a year ago. It's a pretty good game, according to our Ant Nation review.

Blaster Master Overdrive (1000pts - Sunsoft) -- We got the original Blaster Master a while ago, so it was only logical that the WiiWare version would soon follow. Staying extremely close to the way the original played, you'll once again be exploring caves with your vehicle, getting out every now and then to explore tunnels that are too small. You'll constantly get upgrades to advance further and further, kind of like Metroid. If you liked the original, you'll absolutely love this, as the Blaster Master Overdrive review will tell you.

Virtual Console

Mario Tennis (1000pts - Nintendo) -- The last N64 Mario sports game, which is also regarded as one of the best Mario sports games period. As per the Mario standard, it takes the sport in the title and cranks it up to eleven - You'll get your usual share of powerups and crazy moves while still keeping the basic gameplay of the sport intact. It's a very well-liked title, and we'll have our review up soon.


Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro (200pts - Sanuk Games) -- DSiWare's been bombed to death with Sudoku games, but this one is suprisingly good - Not only is it extremely cheap, but there's a different game included in the package as well! You should know what Sudoku is like by now, but if you want an explanation of Kakuro you'll have to read our Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro review. Note that in Germany and a select few other countries, the puzzles are from the newspaper Die Welt instead of the Telegraph instead!

Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera! (500pts - Nintendo) -- Another game completely out of the blue, in this flying sim you'll have to move by turning and tilting your head around on the DSi's camera. Sounds gimmicky, but as it's developed by HAL Laboratory we have at least some hope for it!

Pocket Pack: Strategy Games (500pts - Mere Mortals) -- Another pack of simple games from Mere Mortals, this one includes Checkers, Reversi, Gomoku, Chinese Checkers and Nine Men's Morris. If it's anything like the last game it should be incredibly simplistic but possibly worth a look if you have a strong desire for portable board games. We'll review it soon.

Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects - Revenge (800pts - Ubisoft) -- Presumably the last Combat of Giants title on DSiWare, this one is also based on a related DS retail title and, you guessed it, stars giant mutated insects. We'll give our thoughts soon.

A lot of games this time, but only a few seem to appealing to the real gamers among us. Will you be getting in on some tennis action with Mario or will you skip this week?