What's the bet that this guy knows more than he's telling?

Gamers wanting a new Resident Evil game that's closer to its third-person roots could very well get their wish granted as Capcom unveils the latest instalment in the franchise at E3 2010. Entitled Resident Evil Revelations, not a lot is known about the game yet, but judging from the initial screenshots of the cut sequences, it should be a good one.

It's hard (impossible you might say) to determine what format the game will be in, but we can deduce that it will either be set in a timeline close to Resident Evil 5 as the appearance of Chris Redfield suggests, or it will take place around the time of the original incident at the mansion. There's also a brunette female who could be Jill Valentine, which when coupled with the familiarity of the interior hallways in one of the screenshots makes a decent argument for a re-imagining of the original game, with a few 'revelations' here and there put in for good measure.

'Hunk' also makes an appearance and in another shot we see a massive ship which hopefully will be a playable location. The train section on Resident Evil Zero was easily one of our favourites and if Capcom can experiment with varying game environments like this, we should be in for a treat.

The idea of having to take down zombies that are literally leaping out at you makes us insanely excited indeed.