Sudoku, crosswords, solitaire: these fine pursuits are all well and good for those tranquil moments we all enjoy from time to time, but when you want to get stuck into some heavy duty blasting there aren't many options on DSiWare. Here comes Saturnine Games to introduce one more to the mix, unveiling its new 2D shoot 'em up Cosmos X2.

There's the usual range of weapons, enemies and power-ups, but the game's main twist is the ability to equip two different weapons, each with its own energy level, with judicious use of both required to succeed. The features list and screenshots sound like this could be a decent diversion from the usual letters, numbers and cards we see on DSiWare these days, and we'll have more on this one as it develops.

Choose from 3 weapon systems:
Power - high powered shots that fire straight ahead. The shield surrounds your ship in explosions that vaporize bullets and damage enemies.
Attraction - weak, rapid fire shots that home in on enemies. The shield draws in enemy fire and regenerates health with each shot absorbed.
Repulsion - fires three shots that spread apart. Hit an enemy with all three shots to deal heavy damage. The shield reflects bullets back at the enemies, turning their own shots against them.
Play through 6 levels of alien attacks in this exciting, side scrolling shoot ‘em up.

Upgrade your weapons as you fight through the alien invasion force.

Switch dynamically between 2 weapon systems as the situation changes.

Second screen allows you to monitor enemy activity on radar and receive tips from the commander.

Three bonus modes provide new scenarios with unique challenges.