Looks like this one might not be so baahhh-d!

We've just received word from French development studio Dancing Dots that their DSiWare debut QuickPick Farmer will hit the North American download service on the 5th of July for the low asking price of just 200 Nintendo points. They've also put together a website for the game as well as uploading a trailer, which you can view at the bottom of this article.

The game will involve dragging sheep of matching colour to their appropriate stalls and collecting enough wool to launch in ball form at the invading wolf menace before they reach your flock. Their official description follows:

It’s now time to shear your sheep. But George the Wolf is prowling around your farm…and he’s hungry. Hurry up then and put the wool in the barns for safekeeping.

Use the stylus to round up identical sheep to shear them and collect the balls of wool. Then catapult them into the barns. If George the Wolf is getting too close to your flock, fire a ball at him right in the muzzle to chase him away and gain some time.

30 crazy levels, a non-stop mode, striped sheep, spotted sheep, not to mention a goofy wolf… Test your powers of observation, your reflexes and your tactics in the wacky world of QuickPick Farmer!

Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for all new information on QuickPick Farmer as it becomes available.

[source quickpick-farmer.com]