Sooooo dreamy

Goichi Suda, the crazy person responsible for killer7, No More Heroes and Flower, Sun and Rain, welcomes the unconventional with open arms. He's got some stuff brewing in the back of his mind for the Vitality Sensor, and now, with another mysterious and unconventional piece of Nintendo hardware on the horizon, his mind must be working overtime.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Suda revealed that, yes, he would like to make a game for Nintendo's mystery-shrouded 3DS handheld, and that, yes, he does have bonkers ideas for the tech.

I hope for the realisation of a training remote like Luke Skywalker used for force training in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Our guess is he means something like that little floating ball thing Obi-Wan had that shot lasers at a blindfolded, lightsaber-wielding Luke, which sounds more Wii MotionPlus to us than a handheld 3D game. But then again, we didn't create the worlds of Travis Touchdown or Harman Smith.