This is the only picture of Suda51 you need.

Our good friends over at Cubed3 recently snagged an interview with Suda51 of No More Heroes fame, probing him about any upcoming projects on the horizon from his Grasshopper Manufacture team. Although he didn't confirm any new projects he did lay down some tantalising hints, including his desire to return to cult GameCube and PlayStation 2 release killer7.

Cubed3: With ‘Grasshopper’ and’Suda51’ becoming so popular now, do you want to see killer7 re-released or re-made?

GS: killer7? killer7 is a very very important game for me. The creative challenge of both the team at Grasshopper and me is packed into the game. killer7 is the part of my soul. A remake? No, but if I get the opportunity, I am certainly interested in making a new killer7.

Killer7 being part of Suda's soul certainly explains a lot, as anyone who's played the game will attest to its craziness, and a more polished sequel would go down very well around these parts. Asked about a follow-up to No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, due out in Europe on Friday, Suda replied:

Unfortunately, the story for Travis alone is completed in No More Heroes 2. I am very curious about his life after this; however, we have no plan for No More Heroes 3.

The rest of the interview touches on everything from Suda's DS plans to seeing Travis Touchdown in a future Smash Bros., so check it out over at Cubed3.