One day it's possibly leaked testing hardware, the next it's a list of trademarks: the Internet Rumour Mill is operating at full steam ahead these days.

According to a list discovered by forum members over at NeoGAF, Nintendo has registered trademarks including DSMovie, DSMagazine and DSCinema. The most interesting of these is of course 3DSWare, which points the way towards downloadable titles available for the new console just like the DSi's DSiWare.

It's likely not all of these marks will be used by Nintendo as it's not uncommon for companies to register names to cover their bases, and sadly none give much insight into the console's true name, but if it's guaranteed to have DSiWare-style downloads then that's an awesome discovery indeed.

Here's the list of trademarks:

商願2010-021055 DS Sound
商願2010-021086 DS Name Card
商願2010-021087 DSMagazine
商願2010-021088 DSMovie
商願2010-021089 DSCamera
商願2010-021090 DSCinema
商願2010-021091 DSMessage
商願2010-021092 DSMusic
商願2010-021093 DSAlbum
商願2010-021709 3DSPlay
商願2010-021710 Nintendo 3DS
商願2010-021711 ニンテンドー3DS (Nintendo 3DS)
商願2010-021712 3DSWare
商願2010-021713 Nintendo 3DSWare
商願2010-023066 N3D