This guy may return

A comment from a representative of Arc Systems Works hinted at an appearance of a Kunio game coming to consoles in the future:

I often find myself wanting to play Kunio games on TV, like I used to as a child, but there’s been a rumour going around the office that a secret project has been launched, so although we wouldn’t like you to get your hopes too high, please keep a close watch on our next move.

The Kunio series thrived in arcades in the '80s. It's known for sports games with beat-em-up elements, and beat-em-ups with RPG elements. Many of them never made it out of Japan, but there are a handful that were localised, with Super Dodge Ball and River City Ransom among the most well known to Westerners. The handheld market has kept the series going in recent years, but if the rep's comments hold any weight, a future title could see a home console release.