Much smaller than one of these

The music software scene just keeps on snowballing: we've already had the announcements of Rhythm Core Alpha and Mix Superstar, not to mention the already-available and rather good Rytmik, and now Abylight is joining the party with Music On: Electronic Keyboard for DSiWare.

As the first in a series of tools under the "Music On" label, Electronic Keyboard promises "a complete electronic
keyboard with a great variety of instruments and rhythms" for just 200 Nintendo Points. The programme will also include five different accompaniment styles with four variations each, as well as individual parts for drums, bass and chorus, and features 16 different instrument voices for you to fiddle with.

It sounds like Music On: Electronic Keyboard is taking a different approach to Rytmik's portable mini-studio style, offering a more simplistic take on music creation, and at only 200 Points it may still be worth a buy for budding musicians. Check out the trailer below and look out for our review shortly after the game's European release date on June 4th, with the title out in North America on June 14th.