Bustin' out soon on WiiWare

No, we're not talking about our reviewers; rather developer Revistronic has just informed us about its upcoming WiiWare debut The Westerner, the latest entry in a series of adventure games that got its start on the PC over a decade ago.

This isn't the first time an adventure game franchise has made the leap from PC to WiiWare and it will be interesting to see how well Revistronic's results compare with those of Telltale Games. We shouldn't have to wait long to find out because a May release date has been marked on the calendar.

The original PC release included 200MB of voice work (this has been removed, but may be made available later as DLC); via compression of the 500MB of data and code the entire game (including cut scenes) has fit into the WiiWare limit of 40MB. Subtitles are going to be available in 5 or 6 languages, so those of you concerned about only having an English or French translation can rest easy.

You can view the trailer here and read the full press release below:


Fenimore Fillmore, the most awarded and fun cowboy, is starring the videogame “The Westerner” once again, for Nintendo Wii console.

[Madrid, Spain] – Revistronic is launching “Fenimore Fillmore – The Westerner”, its acclaimed adventure set in the Far west for Nintendo Wii console for the very first time, through its Wiiware digital downloading system.

Enjoy now from the comfort of your own sofa, an adventure for the whole family with coloured and 3D graphics in which, through a simple method of “pointing and click”, the player will get in Fenimore Fillmore’s shoes, a crazy cowboy with a great sense of humour, immersed in an outrageous dispute between stockbreeders and farmers.

Caught in the middle of the dispute, Fenimore gets on the side of the weak farmers, oppressed by the baddy of this interactive film, who is no other than Starek the stockbreeder. And as in every cowboy adventure which is worth watching, a girl will turn up in the scene. In this case, she is Rhiannon, the beautiful village school teacher, who is also the evil Starek’s niece. To make things worse, Rhiannon’s father died in strange circumstances. Even so, Fenimore will be ready to help the farmers to beat Starek and at the same time, to conquer the beautiful teacher.

With this very amazing script, full of twists, humour and action, “Fenimore Fillmore– The Westerner” is set to become one of the few alternatives within Nintendo WiiWare channel, which offers up to 40 hours of game in which you can explore the most fun Far West, meeting the wittiest characters, solving lots of puzzles and fighting against the baddies, up to the sunset in the company of the girl of your dreams.

In order to make possible this transformation of a complete PC game into a WiiWare experience without losing quality, PICTURE® exclusive technology by Revistronic has been specially adapted to incorporate new compression techniques.
“Fenimore Fillmore – The Westerner” will be available on the WiiWare in May 2010.

About Fenimore Fillmore
Fenimore Fillmore is a Franchise set on the Far west which tells the outrageous adventures of a cowboy with the same name. The first adventures of this cowboy saw the light for PC computers in 1996 and he is starred three of them since then.