Is this the end? No.

As promising as Metroid: Other M looks, not everybody is happy with the direction the series has taken: some would be happier with a straightforward 2D Samus adventure like the days of old. Their prayers may not be falling on deaf ears either, as Metroid overlord Yoshio Sakamoto has hinted the flat adventures may return.

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Mr Sakamoto said:

It's certainly possible that in the future we'll go back to another 2D Metroid using some of the ideas that have been generated on this Other M project. So please don't get the idea that this is the end of 2D Metroid games.

Although this is likely just idle chatter at the moment, an old-school Samus outing on WiiWare, for example, would suit the format down to the ground. Don't give up on flat Samus just yet, Metroid fans.