The announcement of Gods vs. Humans was more than a little bit cryptic, with only some rendered artwork and a short trailer to accompany it. Thankfully now we have some in-game screenshots and a press release giving more detail into the gameplay, and it sounds like it could be quite interesting.

From the description given it sounds like an odd mix of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord and Jenga, with collapsing floors damaging the humans attempting to wreck your godly ambitions. There's a bright graphical style that's rather charming, and Zallag promises the next update will include the first in-game footage, so keep checking back to see how it looks in motion.

You embody mighty Gods from 4 different mythologies (Norse, Egyptian, Greek-Roman and Japanese). Your goal is to stop humans from building a huge tower. They want to go up in the sky and take your place! It’s up to you to make them come to their senses. You can do so by using your powers and attack the tower and its builders. No less than 16 Gods are playable, among them Hades, Râ, Fujin and even Thor!

Strategic demolition

These few images can give you a glimpse of the “vertical” gameplay of this title. The realization is entirely in 3D, represented on a 2D plane for a much smoother move between the towers’ stories. Have a quick look at the floors that aren’t in a good shape and use your powers to destroy them for good! When a storey collapses, impact and velocity are both taken into account so other damaged floors can give in. Think strategically to trigger chain reactions!

Every human (or peon) has his own class. The basic peon is both a Builder (to raise the tower) and a Repairman (in case of damages). The Carriers will bring resources to the Builders and the Supervisors will make sure the job is done correctly. Priests (good and bad) can also influence the pace of the construction. Each mythology will also have a specific class (Super Carrier, Priest Hunter etc...) that can make the difference. Taking these factors into account (the repetition of the peons throughout the floors and their particular classes) it’s up to you to use your powers in the most effective way possible.