New from EA: Tiger Woods 11 (mistresses sold separately)

Last season's Tiger Woods instalment offered gamers an intuitive and engaging golf game with very little to be disappointed at; and if you're not familiar with it, you can read our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 review to find out why. Given all that the game has accomplished, what new features can EA implement this season? Let's find out as we go over some game details and soak in a couple of videos that show these features in action.

Thanks to the MotionPlus, sports games are now able to take that step closer to what a sports-simulation can achieve – even though you may be in the comfort your living room. What's interesting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, is that EA Tiburon has further expanded on what was explored with the draw and fade application via the MotionPlus. This season, players will be able to experience the new Advanced Plus and Tour Pro swing options, both of which should add another layer of authenticity to the game.

Advanced Plus will track the rotation of the club as you make your swing, as well as measuring the swing plane – effectively reading the virtual path of your club. The new Tour Pro option will measure the point of contact at which you hit the ball, so missing the ball entirely is not out of the question. Remember, exhale before you swing!

Straight from the press release, here's a rundown of some of the game features you can look forward to:

  • Take the Ryder Cup Challenge – Choose your team and play through the Ryder Cup tournament on the challenging Celtic Manor course. The Ryder Cup mode provides complete control of rosters, match ups, length of tournament and the ability to tweak matches mid round for a personalized experience. Ryder Cup mode is for the whole family with foursomes, fourballs and singles matches.
  • Wii MotionPlus Enhanced – The new Advanced Plus and Tour Pro swing options provide a new level of authenticity on the course. Advanced Plus not only tracks swing rotation, but now also tracks swing plane; reading the virtual path of your club. The Tour Pro option enhances the swing mechanic by measuring the point of contact on the ball, making it possible to miss the ball completely!
  • True View – Experience Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 from a whole new perspective with True View, a first-person vantage point. Now you have complete freedom of movement over the club while looking down at the ball, both before and during your swing.
  • Mini Golf – Bring this family fun classic indoors with an all-new miniature golf mode. Choose to play 9 or 18 holes on one of four original courses with up to four players simultaneously.
  • Online Gameplay – Experience one of the most robust online offerings on the Wii, including online multiplayer team play, as well as a full version of Disc Golf with up to four players simultaneously. Participate in selected tournaments based on skill, swing type and attributes. Choose to automatically sign online every time you turn on your console to receive instant challenges to set new records.
  • Tailor Your Game – Set your individual gameplay options independently from your swing options. Choose from four different golfer attributes to focus on during your career. Set your own combinations or choose from the easy to expert settings. In the expert setting all new yardage markers provide guidance on proper club choice.

As you can see, the Tiger Woods series has lost none of the non-competitive play modes that offers that balance to all the realism that gamers can apply to their enjoyment. Mini Golf and the surprisingly enjoyable Disc Golf should offer gamers something a bit more relaxed compared to the high-pressure one might encounter in the career mode. The True View camera angles should be the perfect catalyst for post-shot approving nods of the head, or shakes of disgust.

Features video

Tutorial video

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is currently scheduled for release on 8th June in the United States.