Bungie's Harold Ryan, clearly excited about this story

You won't find the word "Bungie" in very many of our news articles, but the studio's recent agreement with Activision could see that all change.

Leaving the Halo universe behind, the developers are now set to branch out with a new IP set to release for multiple platforms, opening the door for Nintendo fans to experience a Bungie game for the first time.

Although the initial announcement from Activision claimed the studio's next title would be available for "all platforms", Bungie president Harold Ryan said:

I absolutely believe there is a place in the world for the Wii. When you look at platforms and core competitive game experiences, it's probably not that, but as we go through this franchise we will look at every platform people play on.

Although there's nothing rock-solid about this title yet, and we apparently shouldn't expect to hear anything until next year, the proposition of a Bungie-developed Wii shooter, for example, is undeniably enticing.

[source gonintendo.com]