It ain't easy being this good

Gamers were delighted when the beloved NBA Jam series was announced to be making a return to consoles; specifically, the Wii. With game details and screenshots being fed to us carefully and slowly, it's time to call "timeout" and sit back to watch the latest development video.

Creative director Trey Smith and art director Rob Hilson talk about how the creative team used the old games as a framework when it came to designing the upcoming NBA Jam. The controls sound like they should be fairly easy to pick up and you'll no doubt be performing monstrous slams in no time.

Without giving away too much, the developers also revealed that every single basketball player will have signature facial expressions. Mixing 2D heads created from high-resolution sports photography, with 3D bodies, the developers seem to be very happy at how the visuals are turning out.

So head over to the EA Sports Media Lounge where you can hear more about the reaction of the focus groups and watch the interview by Eric Gray in its entirety. For regular updates and to take part in the voting that decides which NBA players make the cut into the game, visit the official game page.

Boom Shakalaka!