The original Descent (pictured) is making a comeback

PC gamers might remember the flurry of Doom clones that just seemed to never end in the mid-90s. While a lot of them didn't try to break with the winning formula too much or only put a mild spin on it, where others put enough spin to make you motion sick and, at first, disoriented.

Interplay's Descent was one of these, zagging where others zigged. Instead of throwing you in a series of dimly lit space corridors with a shotgun, it plopped you inside the cockpit of a spacecraft into the depths of the dimly lit corridors of planets with a laser. The full 360-degree movement took quite a bit of getting used to, but a flight stick later and you'd find yourself in one of the better shooters of the era.

The wording of the press release indicates that it'll be the original 1995 game brought over and not a new sequel/prequel. Then again, stranger things have happened.

Developer G1M2 is behind the WiiWare effort. They recently dropped the Data East Arcade Classics on Wii, so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about old games, or at the very least have a passing acquaintance with them.

Interplay and G1M2 Announce Descent on WiiWare

April 14th, 2010, 11:00 AM - PRESS RELEASE

(April 14th, 2010) — Interplay Entertainment Corp. and G1M2 will partner to bring the classic Descent to the Wii.

“Descent remains the most popular 1080º 3D blasting game. Translating its 3D worlds and game play to WiiWare™ is an exciting move”, said Hervé Caen, CEO of Interplay. “Descent will pair perfectly with the motion sensing Wii Remote™ controller and we can't wait to show players how intuitive the game play and control can be” seconded Scott Hawkins, the Founder of G1M2.

Descent is expected for initial release during Fall 2010 and is planned for electronic distribution through Nintendo's WiiWare™ service.

“Following Clayfighter DSiWare™ & WiiWare™, and Stonekeep WiiWare™, Interplay continues to redevelop its fantastic portfolio of games,” Hervé Caen concluded.