No time to stop and admire the scenery

You may remember when Dreambox Games unveiled its debut title back in February with a batch of screenshots that grabbed fans of 2D platformers' attention. Rightly so too, with its beautifully hand-drawn visuals and unique art-style, the screenshots definitely earned the game some fans. Well, there's more where that came from as we're now treated to the first Robox trailer showing the game in action.

The game is primarily played holding the Wii Remote sideways and you can see why as the game is a very traditional 2D platformer in nature. Having said that, there will be points in the game where the player will have to aim the Wii Remote on-screen using the infra-red pointer, so that should mix things up nicely.

As well as different environmental levels to tackle, our protagonist will gain assistance from creatures that inhabit the strange planet, and will have several weapons and abilities to utilise if escape is to be achieved. Being able to see this game in motion fills us with confidence that this should be a title worth looking out for.

Robox has no fixed release date or price yet, but when we hear about it, you'll know.