While some developers are churning out WiiWare ad nauseum, the developers of the critically acclaimed World of Goo have yet to treat us to another game since the release way back in 2008, leaving the corporations free to gobble up most of those Nintendo Points.

All this is now set to change, with the announcement of a new independent studio formed by the co-founders of Experimental Gameplay Project, including Kyle Gabler, one half of the extraordinary 2D Boy.

Tomorrow Corporation is born, with a mission statement to end these giant conglomerates' reign of terror... tomorrow.

Teaming up with Kyle on his righteous mission to rid the gaming world of execrable franchise-bleeding and license abuse is Kyle Gray, of Henry Hatsworth fame, and Allan Blomquist, a fellow Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center graduate and contributor to World of Goo.

There is no announcement of any game just yet, or indeed confirmation of the platform, but considering the enormous success of World of Goo and previous reports, it’s more than likely that a WiiWare title of some sorts is in development.

It's comforting to know the indie spirit is stronger (and richer) than ever before.