Can you make this face?

Nintendo Power has revealed that developers Gameloft will be bringing its remake of classic platformer Earthworm Jim to DSiWare. Having already released the title for the iPhone, the download-crazy developers have set their sights on the DSi, and have revealed some interesting information on the game itself. Details are still thin on the ground, but we hear that:

  • The game will feature a brighter colour palette;
  • There'll be redrawn sprites and improved sound quality;
  • Some original music will get the remix treatment.

The game will feature an easy mode, which reduces the damage Jim takes, slows down enemies and provides hints on the touch screen. Gameloft has stated that it wants everyone to be able to finish the game and has promised that it won't be straying far from the original title, understandably keen not to disappoint fans.

Perhaps most exciting is the news that players will apparently be able to score bonuses throughout the game by mimicking Jim's facial expression, which presumably will be recognised by the DSi's camera. We recommend trying to pull an expression like the one seen in that image above (preferably in the privacy of your own home) at least four times an hour to build up the muscle strength required to hit that high score.