Randal Meyers ditching the 5-0 on the iPhone

Want to see the dirty underside of society? Ever wondered what you'll be willing to do in order to get yourself out of trouble? If you've answered 'yes', then check out Grand Thef... we mean Car Jack Streets on the DSi.

Already available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Car Jack Streets is an action game that has the protagonist carrying a heavy debt of $1million to the Italian mob and must carry out a variety of jobs, both legal and illegal, in order to meet the weekly repayment deadlines. The game will require the player to drive around a city that's lucrative yet dangerous, and features a "unique real-time game mechanic" that oversees your efforts to generate $50,000 every week.

As you know, the game launched in North America yesterday and Tag Games has announced that the European release will be this Friday for 800 points. Unfortunately, due to strict age restriction laws in Germany, the game will not be released in that country. It's not the first time that Germany has lost out on titles due to their depictions of violence or war and we're sure this isn't the last.

Since its release on the Apple platforms, it has been getting praise and decent sales figures, but we wonder how it will perform on the DSi. The added function of having dual screens should make it a more practical experience but with presentation and gameplay sounding so similar to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, will this lower price-tag be enough to entice gamers in? Find out in our review later this week.