Any guesses as to Mario's favourite film?

In his answer to an on-stage question at CES in Las Vegas, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated that the popular online-streaming service for movies has an "excellent" chance of coming to a Nintendo console. Rumours of such a tie-in have been flying around for several months now, and this seems to seal the deal.

No actual dates were given, and there's still some ambiguity concerning Hastings' phrasing of the announcement - Netflix coming to "Nintendo" rather than the Wii specifically could mean that they're holding back until the release of Nintendo's hypothetical next console, or the fabled "Wii HD."

Netflix is currently a US-only service, so if this does get released anytime soon then UK users can expect to be excluded from the fun – though Netflix officials have hinted over the years that they would like to expand their service into Europe.

The BBC's iPlayer already works fantastically well on the Wii, and with SkyPlayer, 4OD and Virgin all proving that on-demand entertainment is the future, this kind of collaboration could be vital to Nintendo in the coming years. Netflix is already available in one form or another on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Is it about time Nintendo owners got their hands on some movie-streaming goodness? Is the Wii's hardware capable of doing justice to the latest blockbuster releases? Comments in the box, please.