Prinny from Disgaea - best company mascot ever?

NIS - or Nippon Ichi Software to close friends - is no stranger to WiiWare.

The company, which is famous for the best-selling Disgaea series, has already dipped its toe in the WiiWare waters with the bizarre Let's Hitchhike, which is out in Japan now.

However, more downloadable goodness could be on its way. This latest ESRB listing for NIS Wii title "Viral Survival" sounds a lot like a downloadable release rather than a full-price retail proposition:

This is an action game in which players direct small "cartoony" DNA-strand creatures around a game board. The player must collect other DNA creatures while avoiding enemy "viruses" scattered throughout the board. The player can destroy the viruses by pelting them with projectiles or by firing tiny missiles that cause them to disappear.

Sounds good, but if only real-life viruses could be conquered with tiny missiles. Maybe one day.