Platforming action galore!

Playstos Entertainment has just announced that their action platformer Pallurikio is coming to the European WiiWare service today for 1000 Wii Points. They've also announced that the game will be hitting the North American WiiWare service at that same price point on December 21st.

You can check out the official gameplay trailer below, along with the official press information for the game. We've also just put up a brand new group of screenshots of the game in action that you can check out as well.

While playing a mysterious board game he found with his friends, Rusty is sucked up in a dimensional vortex and finds himself cast into a mystical and wondrous world, where he assumes the aspect of the round and bouncing Pallurikio.

Using the Wii Remote™ to point at the screen, make Pallurikio jump and roll, and help him find his way through more than 50 enticing levels, while surviving all kinds of pitfalls and trickeries he might come across when traversing Bakumbala Jungle, the far reaches of Palluro Prime and many other weird settings.

Featuring advanced physics simulation, classic 2D platforming and enticing graphics, Pallurikio is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more of its incredibly fun gameplay.

Featuring a lengthy and wildly varied Adventure mode, Time Attack, collectable cards, and space rockets to boot, Pallurikio is a game on which you won’t want to miss out!

We'll have a full review of Pallurikio within the next few days, so stay tuned.