Oh, the horror!

Nintendo of Europe already had all DSiWare and WiiWare releases for today listed on their site or a while, but curiously enough, there was no Virtual Console game. Thankfully, they've chosen to release one anyway!

Earthworm Jim 2 offers more crazy platforming action with everybody's favourite worm in a suit, and it does so pretty well. However, the developers chose to intersperse more non-platforming stages than in the first game, and that's why this game isn't as good as its predecessor - Some of them are just far too frustrating and/or difficult to pass, which bogs down the overall experience a bit. We'll have a full review soon. Oh yeah, and before you ask, it's the Mega Drive version again!

You might think Mahjong for WiiWare is a Mahjong game, but you'd be surprised to find out that it actually isn't. It is in fact Shanghai, which uses Mahjong tiles but is a completely different game. Now, do some thinking - What game did we get on Virtual Console just last week? That's right - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. This version quite likely offers a lot more, but it's still very weird that we didn't have a single Shanghai game available before and now suddenly got two in two weeks! We'll have a review soon. It costs 500 Wii Points.

Also on WiiWare is Happy Holidays: Christmas, which is likely to be exactly the same as the Halloween version, just with Christmas-themed content. And that likely also means it'll be just as bad. It also costs 500 Wii Points.

DSiWare apparently gets the spotlight this week, though, because there's four new releases! Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes is a platformer from EA, in which you can put your own face on various characters and objects using the DSi's built in camera. It's a bit simple and won't provide much of a challenge to experienced gamers, but for younger players it could be worth checking out. It comes in at a steep 800 DSi Points!

A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Matchmaker is yet another "small" version of the retail game. This one seems to be for all those guys who have a girlfriend but aren't married yet - You can ask any person to answer some questions, after which the game will (lie?) and tell them that said answers are exactly the same as yours, instantly making them fall in love with you. At least, we hope that would happen! We'll review it soon. It costs 200 DSi Points.

Just Sing! Christmas Songs has got to be the most bizarre game this week - It's DSiWare's first karaoke game and seemingly only has two songs, both of which are, you guessed it, Christmas-based. It's only 200 DSi Points though, so we can't complain too much! We'll have a review soon.

The final DSiWare release this week is actually sort of a rerelease - myNotebook: Red is exactly the same as the previously released myNotebook: Blue, just with red lines on its paper instead of blue. If red is your favourite colour you'll likely want this one most, but if you already got the blue version then the only use this will have is extra space. It's only 200 DSi Points and could come in handy.

Still not quite as much as North America, but we're getting there! Are you getting anything?