Sheep Man! SHEEP MAN!

It seems 90% of the people who bought Mega Man 9 haven't finished it yet, but there's still plenty of time to whip those last levels into submission as Mega Man 10 will be launched in 2010.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power carries the exclusive reveal of the blue blaster's latest escapade, and it's looking like following in its predecessor's footsteps with more retro-styled running and gunning. Those that struggled with the previous entry may be pleased to know that 10 will feature an "Easy Mode", although Easy in the context of the Mega Man series isn't exactly the falling-off-a-log kind.

There's also new bosses, including the terrifying-sounding Sheep Man who gives you "Thunder Wool", and you'll also have the ability to play as Proto Man from the very beginning, bringing yet more fresh twists to this rather exciting project.

We'll bring you more news on Mega Man 10 as soon as we get it.