Awww, aren't they cute?

Fans of Guilty Gear and superb 2D fighting games in general may already be aware of the excellent - though unashamedly odd - BlazBlue series, currently only playable in arcades and the HD consoles. Sadly, such is its relative obscurity it's only been received in tiny pockets of players, but it'll be heading to slightly bigger, more cottony pockets soon as a DSiWare BlazBlue title is set to launch next year for 500 Nintendo Points.

Eschewing its bigger brother's lean and limber graphical style, BlazBlue Battle X Battle is set to employ cutesy big-headed renderings of the characters. Not only that, the game's undergoing a metamorphosis from hardcore 2D brawler to free-roaming battle game, with simple controls and four-player wireless play promised.

Whilst it's a little disappointing the DSi is still to receive a decent fighting game (although there's generally only one great fighter on DS anyway) it's pleasing to see respected IP heading to the service. Stay tuned for more BlazBlue Battle X Battle news and screenshots as they arrive.